Friday, September 9, 2011

Thank Goodness I'm Farming

Today I introduce what may or may not become a regular feature around here.  It's a little play on words, see, because "T.G.I.F." usually means "Thank Goodness It's Friday, Because I Can't Take One More Day Of This Insanity" (you can see why they abbreviate).  But T.G.I.F. also happens to be the initials of "Thank Goodness I'm Farming," which may or may not become the name of a weekly Friday post about some great reason to farm.

Today's is short because I'm running late for a bachelorette party and I'm pretty sure you have more important work to do anyway.

So thank goodness I'm farming.  I love to raise tiny animals, because they remind me there's a purpose to that giant time-sucking wasteland called the internet.  They also hop much slower when they're little, so it's easier to catch them if they escape.  And extra bonus: bite-sized.

Have a hoppy weekend!


  1. What does Franc think of the bunnies?

  2. coming soon: what Franc thinks of the bunnies


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