Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Welcome to our greenhouse!

Isn't it wonderful?  Abe made it.  The doors were salvaged from a neighborhood where the HOA made everyone take out their perfectly adequate and expensive double-pane french doors to replace them with identical new ones.

A friend found the water tanks (there are actually two, one on each side) in the "free" section on Craigslist.  Our aquaponics bins are cheap under-the-bed storage containers, and we used as much scrap wood as we could find.

I planned to do a whole series on our greenhouse construction during the winter, since during cold months there isn't really much going on around here .  Instead I got consumptive pneumonia multiple colds and sinus infections and wrote nothing at all.
But there's always hope for the spring!


  1. Oh man. If only work would send me back to Charlotte so I could come see this great greenhouse in person! (And its owners too, of course!)

  2. Looks lovely! The Hersheys had an aquaponics farm until last year, and a college friend of mine built one with his science students this past year, too. Seems to be the way to go. :~)

    1. Hannah - I didn't know the Hersheys were aquaponic farmers! Any idea why they gave it up?
      The systems are fairly simple to set up and would be awesome for school science classes. It's pretty amazing to see plants grow from the water (then even more amazing to eat them)!

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  4. Love love love! What a gorgeous greenhouse. and I love how happy and comfy you look sitting in there.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment because it meant I found your gorgeous blog. I'm looking forward to following.

  5. So much blog! Yay! Love seeing pictures. I'm blown away by your creativity, mostly because at the end of a day of work my creativity is absolutely zero. I just watched Anthony Bourdain's SCarolina episode and was missing you like crazy. What do you use for mulch? I haven't found a good mulch option here yet. And the only things that seem to have sprouted in this heat are tomatoes, peppers and basil.

  6. Your greenhouse is AWESOME! Love you!

  7. Very, very cool. Glad you were able to benefit so greatly from a dumb HOA decision!!! ~Megan

    Oh, and Thomas wants to know if you've got fish in your ponds? :)


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