My name is Karen.  To be honest, I'm a "farmer" the way your four year old niece is a ballerina. I like to practice gardening, read farm-related bedtime stories, and I'm squirreling away my small change to make my dreams come true.

Til then, here's a short list of my other occupations:
  • financial and housing counselor for a local non-profit
  • server and expert wine-taster at a farm-to-table restaurant
  • craftress and hustler in booth ABE at a Charlotte antique mall  (your purchases get us that much closer to health insurance of our very own!)
  • aspiring urban homesteader and blogger
My husband Abe is kind of legit.  He does the bulk of the gardening and takes care of all the animals (myself included).

See?  He's excellent with the animals (pictured: our dog, Cash).  Abe's also into homebrewing and experimenting with aquaponics in the greenhouse he built from discarded french doors.  So don't let it fool you that I do the writing: it's because Abe's busy doing all the work!