Sunday, December 25, 2011

We wish you a Merry Christmas

What do you get when you mix a grumpy man in plaid with a ten-second self-timer, three homemade Santa hats, a year-old coon hound mix, a chicken, a woman precarious in heels and a cat?

Depends who you ask.
Man?-------------------------------One more shot...  [the liquor kind]
Chicken? ---------------------------Paranoid personality disorder
Dog or cat?  ------------------------CHICKEN FINGERS!  Please oh PLEASE!
Woman -----------------------------One more shot!  [the picture kind]  Let me try one more time.  Just one more?

Welcome to the annual Kovach family Christmas photo.

collage courtesy of Ben Depp
We'll give you another chance to take our Christmas photo next year.
Payment in shots.  You guess which kind.

 Have a happy, happy holiday!
Love, Carolina Backyard Farm

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  1. That first photo MUST be converted into one of these:


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