Thursday, March 15, 2012

Get chickens.

Since it's early spring and the hardware stores are still selling chicks, consider this the intro to my next two posts, which are all about what you need to know to get your own hens.

After I show you this picture, I shouldn't even have to tell you why every household should have chickens. They follow you around companionably (see them all gathered round?), they don't eat much in exchange for feeding you an awful lot of fresh eggs, and they are hilarious.

Look at these weirdos.

There are a few oddballs in every flock.  This one's longing to be as famous as Jennifer Aniston's chickens.


  1. Look what you've done to me. One minute I'm taking a little break to check out my kids's blogs, the next I'm looking at pictures of Jennifer Aniston's new house.

  2. Have you seen this blog:


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