Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Stop and reconnect.

What else could I do when I saw this sign on my way to work? 

I love this picture - it captures my spring fever and reminds me to take the time to enjoy it.

Homesteading is about so much more than transplanting seedlings and cleaning out the chicken coop. To me, it's about a life focused on meeting our natural needs and infused with meaning by its connectedness with the natural world.

It's human nature to need shelter, sustenance, nourishment, fulfillment. The other things we worry about - getting a promotion, buying a nice car, having stylish clothing - are just that: things.  I choose time to spend producing the stuff that I need over time spent earning a wage to pay for things I could make.

These days when people talk about "connectivity," they're usually talking about the internet.  I'm working toward an urban homestead because I want to plug back in to something real: the breathing, growing, beautiful world.

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