Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Locavore's Guide to Mother's Day

We're fortunate to live 15 minutes from the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market, and unfortunate to work late on Friday nights. It's hard to get up by farmers o'clock!  When I do drag myself out of bed in time (for the cabbages if not for the spinach, broccoli or snap peas), I love the beautiful produce, all the Real Farmers, the freshly baked scones, the $3.00 six ounce drip coffee.

Between our own garden and the CSA share that we have through the restaurant where I work, we don't need much produce from the farmer's market this year. But this week is Mother's Day, so I thought of a few ways to celebrate your mom and show your local love too.

Treat your mom to brunch or breakfast in bed.  Breakfast foods are simple to make and lend themselves wonderfully to "localizing." The strawberries are beautiful this time of year. Try to find eggs and potatoes (maybe even bacon or breakfast sausage) at the market, and make a frittata with spring onion, asparagus and spinach. Add goat cheese, if you're able to find it from a nearby farm or creamery. Get pastries from a local bakery.  (Don't cook?  Look for a farm-to-table restaurant in your area, like our very own Harvest Moon Grille in Charlotte.)

Our farmer's market has an entire building devoted to handicrafts: homesewn aprons, fancy tea towels, natural bath & body products, wood carvings and charming pottery. Last week someone in the greenery shed was selling incredible wreaths and "living pictures" made from moss and succulents.

for sale at the Charlotte Regional Farmers Market

Even small farmers markets have items with great gift potential, like:
  • handmade soaps
  • raw local honey (You can cover the jar body with pretty paper & tie with a ribbon, or cut a circle of fabric and tie it around the lid)
  • a selection of preserves or jams
  • young tomato plants or herbs (Transplant them into a hand-painted terra cotta pot or tie a strip of fabric around the pot they came in)
  • flowers
  • artisan chocolates
Explore a nursery (but first ask if they grow their own plants, since some nurseries purchase plants grown elsewhere and ship them to your local store for sale).  A few years ago my sister and I gave our mother a young magnolia.  It's now a beautiful tree that gives her flowers on a regular basis (so we don't have to).

If you know your mom is up for the challenge, rescue a local cat or dog for her to love.  From experience, First Make Sure The Pet Does Not Have Cancer.

Find a local seller on etsy for jewelry, cards or other handmade gifts (or if you live in Charlotte, buy my cards at the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall).

Leave a comment if you have a suggestion for other local ways to celebrate your Mother.
I'd love to incorporate your ideas to make a master list for next year!


  1. $90 is a bit much, as beautiful as that wreath is. Our farmers' market is pretty small (no chocolates here), but we do enjoy going almost every weekend! We like supporting the local farmers and artisans, and it sure is nice to get free produce once in a while simply for having a cute kid! :~)

  2. Lots of great ideas,,,what a lucky mom you have!

  3. I would like a frittata in bed for mothers day, thanks. And coffee.

  4. I believe that her husband gave her the magnificent Magnolia for her birthday in 2003. The farmer and political activist gave their mother a beautiful Crape Myrtle tree.


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