Thursday, May 24, 2012

urban herbs

In case you're just getting to the party, tires are perfectly convenient raised beds.*  This year we have three tire gardens - a few tomatoes in one and two full of herbs.  I feel absolutely smug whenever I get to use my fresh herbs in the kitchen (or my fresh mint in cocktails).  My basil is not pictured because it's lame this year (when I usually have basil in bushes). On the other hand, my cilantro is thriving for the first time ever.

*As a side note, growing your food in tires over time may or may not give you cancer, since the rubber can leech metals or other pollutants. Some folks recommend using a plastic liner so that the tire doesn't actually contact the soil.


  1. Karen, a friend just gave me some dried chocolate mint. Can I make a cocktail with dried herbs? Any ideas how I can use it?

    1. Not sure if I would put it in a cocktail straight. Dried herbs can be a bit gritty. It would be delicious in a dry rub on lamb, or you could also use it to make tea. If you brewed the mint along with green tea, you could try a green tea tokyo
      Let me know how it turns out!


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