Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Real food & mycology

The baby rabbits  have been eating real food for a little more than a week now. It's so sweet to see how they watch their mama eat new foods before they try them.  They love cabbage and carrots, and sometimes forgo the veggies entirely in favor of their rabbit kibble (made by Purina... who knew?).

And speaking of real food, my camping husband returned from the woods with a handful of foraged mushrooms (mostly oyster).  We ate them with whole wheat gnocchi, charred onion, cherry tomatoes and fresh basil from the garden, brown butter sauce and sauteed kale.  Delicious!

Then the next morning, Abe whipped up a veggie scramble with peppers, fresh eggs, and the last of our mushrooms, including a lone dark brown one whose name I can't for the life of me remember. Grandfather something? Maybe Grandfather Gross, because the whole thing tasted like straight dirt. You know that wonderful musty, dank forest smell?  I don't recommend eating it.

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