Saturday, September 17, 2011

Absence make the wife need a farmhand

Things are "off" this weekend at our tiny farm.  Abe is out of town on a camping trip with some man-friends.  I thought I'd treat myself to a little extra sleep this morning, but Franc (that's the cat, remember, not some sexy milkman) wasn't having it.  Since I work weekends and Abe's away, all the animals are clamoring for attention. 15 chickens, 9 rabbits, Franc and Cash (the coon hound) make for a lot of clamor.

We've kept the chickens in their coop and run since yesterday.  There's been a hawk stalking around our yard. All the hens get along fine when they're free-ranging it, but literally cooped up I know they're feeling testy.

It's also unseasonably cold - poor me & baby rabbits!  We all miss our farmer.

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