Friday, September 16, 2011

T.G.I.F. - the FOOD

This morning Abe told me he's glad for our starter farm because of its impact on what he eats.  We do get spoiled by the persimmon muffins in the winter, baby lettuce in the spring, tomatoes and muscadine grapes in the summer, fig jam and fresh eggs all year round.

It tastes so much better than what you'd buy at the store, or even the Farmer's Market.  I like to think the difference is what satisfaction tastes like, because there's a healthy pride in enjoying things homemade and homegrown.  Abe loves the eggs and proteins that he raises himself, but my favorites are the vegetables we grow.

Franc (the uneasy "farm" cat) longs for the delicious union of those proteins and vegetables, and brings you your daily rabbit:  bunny stew.

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