Sunday, October 30, 2011

I beg your pardon - I think I promised you a Crazy Face

I owe y'all a photo, and my mom an apology. Although I suspect that nearly 100% of the comments may have all come from the same individual, here is the Crazy Face I promised:

I think this is irrefutable proof that people are nuts for my persimmon cookies.

I also want to take this moment to introduce my Mom.  Look!  She is beautiful.   She's also smart (working on her second Master's degree), brave (ran the Paris marathon, beat cancer), and mad-skilled (she knits, cooks, speaks multiple languages, sews, grows beautiful plants, and teaches).  All of that, and she's a good sport. My mom raised my sister and I to be independent and to think for ourselves.  She taught me to be curious and to make things from scratch.  I don't know who I would be without her, but I do know that I probably wouldn't be here, with a backyard full of chickens and a cupboard stocked with homemade jam.

She also drew that circle freehand. I told you: mad-skilled.


  1. Aw, that's not so bad! And she's obviously just trying to look silly. (We'll have to show you some _really_ silly photos of Grama Marilyn. Or that one of me on the camel.)

  2. Sacre bleu! Elle est magnifique! Sa visage n'est pas drole--c'est tres belle.

  3. 哇 - 她的美麗!

  4. oh, Anonymous asian comments: When I google you to find out what you mean, you evoke responses like "Jessica Alba naked pictures," "," and [something in asian characters +] your WOW [fanyi]" Should I be offended that such results are prompted by a post about my mother? Probably. But I'm confident enough that my dad can take you DOWN that I'll just consider it a compliment on her behalf.


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