Wednesday, October 5, 2011

multiplication of rabbits

Blog, Meet Jena-from-the-wedding-this-weekend. In addition to having unusually long and silky ears, she is a dear, dear friend of the bride.  She dressed like a rabbit, I told her about my faithful baby-rabbit-blog followers (known less formally as "mom"), and she obliged me with a photo. Then I obliged her by stalking her on facebook in order to spell her name correctly.

Yes, thanks for asking, the wedding was fantastic. It was (appropriately) held at a retired dairy farm in Lancaster County.  It was even more beautiful than it looks here (and much, much, much, much much much colder):

There was love and drink and dancing and much bundling in sweaters. There may have also been accidental flashing - a story for another day.  When we got home, we got busy with this rabbit:

...which we're hoping to bring home soon to be our very own VW Rabbit Pickup. As everyone knows, farms need rabbits and pickups. It's older than Abe and I, but runs really well and can also carry more stuff than we can.

And then, both of us under-the-weather from all the wedding cooties, Abe cooked up this rabbit:

...featuring fresh bunny meat, tomatoes, and herbs from our garden. Before making all of Franc's dreams come true, we're fairly certain this bad boy fathered another litter of kits, so we can prolong this baby-rabbit thing for at least a few more months.

Thank goodness, because I'm afraid we just don't have anything else to talk about anymore.


  1. How about some chicken coverage about now?

  2. Lexi's right. You are VERY entertaining! :) yeehaw frum WXW!

  3. Thanks, Laura.

    Ben, I'm waiting for your better-than-mine chicken pictures... remember those, and my offer that you be my full-time blog photographer? I can pay in eggs.


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