Thursday, January 19, 2012

welcome to my broken New Year's resolution

It took all of seven days for me to default on my New Year's resolution to blog once a week.  How are you doing?  You can be honest.  I don't judge, unless your resolution was to "be less stressed."  That's a ridiculous, immeasurable goal if I ever heard one, and doesn't it directly contradict all your other goals, like  spending time with family, quitting smoking, getting out of debt, and drinking less?

It's been a long winter already, though not a very cold one.  We've been gobbling up our bunnies, and we're getting ready to "refresh" our flock of hens, since some of the older birds are no longer laying.  A contact in Cherryville is expecting to hatch blue wyandottes toward the end of the month, so I'll soon be ordering chicks.  I can't wait, because there's nothing we like more around here than some baby animals.

blue wyandotte, not a chick.  source

And if you haven't, check out  They have more than a thousand user-submitted coop designs, forums for your fowl inquiries, breed information and reviews (seriously, I've never wanted to review anything so much as chickens), a store where you can purchase this or this - basically, all your poultry problems solved on one wonderful website.  (p.s., I was not paid for that endorsement, but I would very much like to be.)

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  1. Yes, let's get some more baby animals. (Puppies and kittens would do nicely, too.)


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