Monday, March 12, 2012

you look radishing

Package of Seeds

They can't see their pictures,
they can't read the label --
the seeds in a package --
so how are they able
to know if they're daisies
or green for the table?

It sounds like a fancy,
it sounds like a fable,
but you do the sowing,
the weeding, the hoeing,
and they'll do the knowing
of how to be growing.

(Aileen Fisher)

This weekend, Abe and I enjoyed the first fruits of the greenhouse (and by fruits, I mean vegetables).  The radishes amazed me.  About a month ago, Abe planted seeds - just tiny specks pushed into the dirt.  He gave them water, the sun gave light, the soil gave nutrients.  And somehow, look!  They became round and red, green and leafy, beautiful, healthy food!

Since I was a teenager, I have struggled to have faith.  But to me, the seeds Abe planted are a miracle.  They don't just grow vegetables - my tiny faith grows, too.

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