Friday, March 9, 2012

only the latest technology in seed-starting

Quit wasting money on seed-starting supplies immediately!  We have developed this amazing system that relies on plastic containers (much better used for dirt than storing other random crap you don't need) and cardboard boxes rescued from the recycling bin.

This system has threefold benefits, which I will be certain to advertise when I make a million dollars selling ABE AND KAREN'S EXCLUSIVE SEED STARTING SYSTEM™.  Start saving your nickels!  It's a three-fer!  ABE AND KAREN'S EXCLUSIVE SEED STARTING SYSTEM™ lets you:
Check it.

This is a basic plastic storage bin filled with dirt.  You probably have a bunch of similar containers in your attic, carefully protecting your redundant junk from dust.  Get rid of the junk, keep the dust, and it's a planter!  We used random old pieces of cardboard our fancy industrially prefabricated dividers to separate the seeds we planted, and kept track of what seeds were planted in which spaces on a piece of paper we found in the shed our trademarked Seed Starting Log().

This proof our system works, so you should immediately send me your first installment of $19.99, please.

ABE AND KAREN'S EXCLUSIVE SEED STARTING SYSTEM™ lets you grow the seeds you want in the comfort of your own living room.  Look how comfortable!

*Satisfaction is not guaranteed.  Is that what your mom told you?  No wonder you're so spoiled.

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  1. Does it include in-house installation? If so, sign me up and come on down!


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