Wednesday, March 7, 2012

why you should care about politics

I don't talk much about politics. This is partially because I don't like to argue, and partially because I see too many sides to too many issues and I get overwhelmed.

Shame on me.  Reading this article reminded me that we all need to get involved.

It's not enough for us to shop at Whole Foods and feel smug that we're "doing our part."  Our votes - or failure to vote - count for something, because whether or not we choose to exercise our voice, legislators are making decisions that directly effect our food system:  farm subsidies determine what's available at the stores where we shop, consumers are forbidden to buy raw milk for their own consumption, and the USDA buys meat products rejected by McDonald's for school lunches.

So start local. Find out who your representatives are in Congress and the Senate, and let them know how you'd like to be represented.  Our governments need to know what we want our foodscape (and communities) to look like.

Use resources like Follow the Money, a site that provides information about money in state politics.  Enter your address, and the site will tell you your house and senate district numbers. From there, you can find out who contributed to the political campaigns of your senator and congressperson.

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  1. I still think the most powerful thing you are doing is supporting alternative markets. Using your dollars must be a stronger vote than calling your congressperson, right? Scary to believe there are only 4 major beef companies in the whole country.


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