Tuesday, July 17, 2012

farm earnings year-to-date: one Peso

When I walked in the door after work Saturday night, Abe was waiting. "I've got a surprise," he said. Surprise indeed.

Abe found this scrappy little fleabag (now a.k.a. Peso*) walking in the street in the middle of the night. He was starving and incredibly friendly. His purr rivals the noise of a mac truck, and I'm not sure he's stopped using it since Abe brought him home. No kitty has ever been so happy to find a family.
With the aid of some friends who were staying over, google and graphic images of male vs. female kitten butts, early Sunday morning we came to the conclusion that Peso is a boy. That was confirmed yesterday by the vet, who found he's 6 weeks old. (He seems big for six weeks, so I'm hoping it turns out he's a baby puma. Please, let me dream.) Since then he's been:
  • dewormed
  • eating everything in the house
  • flea-dipped
  • thoroughly licked all over by Franc and Cash
  • litter trained (we really really hope!).
I went digging around in my old blog in preparation for this post, because I was hoping I'd already written something about our monetary theme for naming animals.* I didn't find what I was looking for, but I did find sobering advice about taking in pets. (Also sobering? My old blog was much more hilarious than this one. I think the last two years I've had osteoporosis of the funny bone. Now I really need health insurance.)
*we have one.

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