Wednesday, July 18, 2012

on becoming a morning person (with gratuitous baby animal pictures)

Look at this ferocious snuggling beast.  If you had a tiny animal this soft and sweet in your bed sleeping, you wouldn't want to get up, either.

But the truth is, I was an anti-morning person long before there were any cats in my bed. I hate to wake up so I only do it in a bad mood. (Can I blame lycanthropy? The grumpiness wears off by noon, and I'm generally a peach the rest of the time.) Abe has to set his cell phone alarm for both of us, because mine doesn't dare go off.

So you know that reputation farmers have for being up before dawn? I am not that farmer.

But I'm trying. Today I let Abe drag my sleepy behind to the gym at 6 am. I wasted 15 minutes rolling around on the bed whining struggled through 30 minutes on a recumbent bike, but most importantly I Abe survived, because I didn't kill him.
It wasn't that bad. I might try it again tomorrow. And then, who knows? Maybe before I know it, I'll be a morning person.
We call him Peso

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