Monday, August 20, 2012

Watson, I presume

I was feeling wistful about how grown-up Peso is getting and worrying for You, Internet, since this blog is so much more entertaining with baby animals around. Then I got a text from our friend Hannah, who was offering us her duck.

Abe said heck no, saw a picture and promptly recanted (Isn't that how everyone gets their pets?).

Watson, our baby quacker
ohmygoodness, he snuggles!!!
If Abe had needed more convincing, this duckling's name is Watson, as in "Wat, Son, could be cuter than this face?"

Hannah dropped him off yesterday, so today I have a memory card full of duck pictures and Watson poop all over my floors.


  1. That thing is so cute--it doesn't even look real! It looks like a fluffy toy. What a great photo.

  2. now the duck-diaper-harness doesn't sound like such a bizarre idea after all, hey? hahaha

  3. I miss Watsoooon!!! hahaha, he's so freakin' cute!


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